Ferme Valupierre

Ferme Valupierre

We are a family company on the Île d’Orléans, who have been cultivating potatoes for many generations. We take great care in ensuring the quality of our potatoes and are always on the lookout for emerging market trends to satisfy our client’s expectations. We are proud to share our passion with you!

Our values

Our family business is ever-evolving equally within our team and with our clients. Lucie and Pierre Vaillancourt, joint owners, are passionate about innovation and producing high quality potatoes. Throughout the years, the business has confirmed their place in the market through their high quality products and also because their clients can depend on them. For the past few years, Lucie and Pierre have relied on their daughter, Stéphanie, who ensures the family business will be taken care of.
Pierre et Lucie Vaillancourt

Pierre and Lucie Vaillancourt

Our history


The Vaillancourt brothers, Adrien and Gerard, purchases land to grow potatoes and also to breed purebred Hereford cattle. At the time, the farm was known as the Ferme Vaillancourt et Frères. The two families of the Vaillancourt brothers jointly participate in taking care of the farm.


Adrien's son, Pierre, and his wife Lucie, then decide to take over the family farm. They produce potatoes, strawberries and have a herd of Hereford cattle. This was the birth of the Ferme Valupierre.


Construction of a potato packaging plant to package the potatoes in various sizes. From then on, the Ferme Valupierre supplied fruit and vegetable to restaurants, institutions and food chains in Quebec.


The Ferme Valupierre specializes in the production of potatoes.


The company expands by purchasing land on the Île d’Orléans.


The farm produces over 15 varieties of potatoes every year including round white potatoes, red potatoes, yellow-fleshed potatoes, red-skinned yellow-fleshed potatoes and the famous fingerling: La Gabrielle de l’Île d’Orléans.
Ferme Valupierre begins transforming certain plots of land to be organic.


Major investments are undertaken to modernize packaging equipment to meet the demand more efficiently and to improve productivity while ensuring high quality standards.
Famille Vaillancourt

From left to right: Rémi, Field Operations Manager; Stéphanie, Family Successor; Pierre, President and Co-Owner; Lucie, Administration Manager and Co-Owner.

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