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Valupierre Organic was born from the desire to produce organically grown potatoes. Ferme Valupierre undertook the conversion to organic soil on parts of their land in 2015, knowing full well of the future challenges to be met through agricultural sustainable development. In addition to producing organic potatoes, various rotations are performed on the land to enrich the ground and produce a variety of organic grain crops. Today, we are extremely proud to offer consumers organically grown potatoes on the Île d’Orléans in both quality and quantity almost year-round!

Why go organic?

Before the transition began, we developed a growing interest in organic production, which has its share of challenges in itself. After a few years of reflection, training, in addition to the participation of several experts to guide us, we were able to harvest our first organic potatoes and thus obtain our first organic compliance certification.
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What is production under organic management?

Production under organic management is governed by strict standards from the Canadian Organic Standards. These standards prohibit multiple inputs of organic farming and are verified on a yearly basis by an accredited inspector, who ensures that the company applying for organic compliance certification meets the organic standards.
In organic management, the production techniques are different from those under conventional management. All techniques must be reconsidered in order to achieve sustainable yields and while respecting the environment.
For example, several inputs are prohibited in organic management, such as artificial fertilizer (chemical-based fertilizer) Fertilization is carried out by using different manures, composts and working in harmony with the soil for an agronomic approach that is favourable to soil health. Also, for harmful pest control, we use various alternative techniques such as the use of a potato beetle vacuum.
Visit the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) website for more information on the standards for organic production.


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